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Space Match

Space Match Space matching game that is out of this world!

Spotlight Review

Although Space Deluxe is similar to Bejewel it definitely is not a clone! As a Bejewel player for year I find it aggravating when there are no matching gems left in Bejeweled so that's when you lose. Not in Space Match Deluxe b/c the game rearranges the gems for you so you keep playing.

Space Match Deluxe is a GREAT GAME which I play everyday! To begin with you have the option to play Arcade, Score Panic or Zen. I signed into my Amazon account (which is all I've ever done to play games within GameCircle) so I could check my scores against the leaderboards.

I don't remember the last time that I played an app on my galaxy everyday for hours!


  • Super-charged match-3 puzzle game play with a gorgeous Space theme.
  • Stunning graphics, fully optmised for small, medium, large and extra large screens.
  • Uniquely different modes; Arcade, Score Panic and Zen.
  • Gorgeous space themed pieces; asteroid, planet, rocket, comet, space jewel, space rock and many more.
  • Amazing power ups and special cosmic effects.
  • Separate leader boards for each mode and a combined board to show who’s really the master of the universe.
  • Automatic hint if you get really stuck (can be switched off).
  • Progress is saved in every mode - try out the different modes without losing your saves.


  • Very colorful and fun, love the bright colors and the fun shapes they make the game very engaging. each level is a new critter planet asteroid series you got to win.to see what comes up next.
  • I do enjoy this game tremendously, it nearly gives me Bejeweled, which is a game I grew to greatly love.
  • Lots of fun to play. Easy to figure out. Happy I got it! Thanks for it all! Would recommend highly!
  • This is a real fun game. The grandchildren like it.
  • It is a fun game. The graphics are good. The music is alright. Have played since download on my HTC One M8, and Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1. They each run the game very well with no hiccups at all. Very pleasant experience this game provides. Get it. It's fun.