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Mind the Gaps

Mind the Gaps Flappy bird remixed!


  • Flappy Bird with a twist!
  • Control the pipes :)
  • Stunning graphics, fully optmised for small, medium, large and extra large screens.
  • Highly addictive and very challenging.
  • Deluxe version has extra characters, pipes and backgrounds to play with.


  • Very nice twist to a popular game.
  • Very funny game.. Best graphics and funny gameplay.
  • A nice twist for flappy.
  • Best thing since flappy bird. This is better actually!
  • Clever Twist Well thought out twist on flappy bird and a well put together little game.
  • I love this game is has a lot of challenges that keep my mind working using strategic moves can't put it down.
  • Great twist on flappy. Lots of fun and just as frustrating. Aaaaaaggggggghhhhhh!