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Halloween Swipe

Halloween Swipe Don't turn off the lights!


  • Super-charged match-3 puzzle game play with a gorgeous Halloween theme.
  • Stunning graphics, fully optmised for small, medium, large and extra large screens.
  • Four uniquely different modes; Zombie Strike, Bone Collector, Score Panic and Time Attack.
  • 16 themes which change depending on the time of day.
  • Subtle changes in the theme depending on the day of the week. Saturday's game will be different to Mondays!
  • Multiple pieces; zombies, bones, vampires, monsters, potions flasks and lots more.
  • Terrifying power ups such as "Frankie's Bolt", "Crippen's Cocktail" and "The Immortal Time Keeper"!
  • Separate leader boards for each mode and a combined board to show who's really the pumpkin king or queen!


  • Well Addicting. Upgradable graphics. Improved touch control. Improvable effects (pumps & time).
  • Great game, keeps me and my four year old grandson occupied for hours. Like the different levels. Would recommend highly.
  • Love this game, great graphics and can lose hours playing :-)
  • Very fun game with great sound effects. I've only played the zombie portion so far but am so addicted to it I haven't tried the other 3 yet. There are many levels, each one gets a little more challenging as you go up. Perfect for Halloween! Great game!
  • This is one of the best games I have ever played. I have spent money on games that were not as fun. This was free and well worth the money I didn't spend.
  • Hexes rock Love the hex approach to the entire match3 mechanic. New dimensions" and possibilities. Great game so far. Loving it.