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Gem Slider

Gem Slider Slide rows and columns to match the gems.

Spotlight Review

If you like Match 3 games, you will love this. It is on par with some of the well known apps, but with very modest permissions. If you like Match 3, you know there are some crappy ones out there. This is a KEEPER. Well thought out, nice smooth play, excellent graphic quality.

This Match 3 has rows that move back and forth, and columns that move up an down. This gives many more options at finding matches. However, I find myself staring at the board trying to find a match. Good thing I left hints turned on. Special tiles are earned the larger the matches you make. Some of the special tiles will act like a bomb, destroy like colors, destroy rows or columns, clear the entire board, only got that once so far.

There are timed and untimed modes. You are shown what your goal is at the beginning of each new level. If you fail to reach it you can replay, I like that.

Colors are different shapes so color blind might be ok. This is very much worth the money because the developer has been modest with permissions, given a new take on board movement, and put in features like replay, music on or off, hints on or off, tutorial, untimed mode.

What more can I say, get it.


  • Highly addictive match-3 puzzle game play.
  • Stunning graphics, fully optmised for small, medium, large and extra large screens.
  • Three uniquely different and challenging modes; Arcade, Score Panic and Zen (deluxe only).
  • Multiple gem types; jewel, diamond, ruby, crystal, emerald and lots more.
  • Combo chains.
  • Lots of interesting and explosive power ups.
  • Automatic hint if you get really stuck (can be switched off).
  • Progress is saved in every mode - try out the different modes without losing your saves.


  • Seamless play with smooth movements. Permissions are few and not 1 ad. Very much like Chuzzle just not as cute to look at.
    I'll give this a 5 star. Will look forward to more games from MeYuMe
  • Good way to kill time! Addicting game
  • Keeps me occupied for long stretches. Best $$ I've spent on an app