Cannibal Cookout Help!

Cannibal Cookout Help!

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    Cannibal Cookout can be downloaded for free from these App Stores:

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    • iOS

      Fixed can't complete the Steak Tartare recipe.
      20 new levels

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      Fixed can't complete the Steak Tartare recipe.
      20 new levels

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      Fixed can't complete the Steak Tartare recipe.
      20 new levels

  • Getting Started

    This post is for the player who is first starting out in Cannibal Cookout. It aims to explain the game mechanic and the things you need to do in order to proceed to completing your first stage and cooking your first recipe.

    When the game first loads you will see on your screen the following items:

    These are the little guys that walk along the tree line at the top of the screen. This is your food, you need to cook these guys! Drag them and drop them into the pot and they will start to cook.

    This is where you will cook your Nibblers and any other food you can find e.g. the Angry Bird, mushrooms, wild plants etc.
    The pot is filled with water, you need to ALWAYS have this water BOILING, otherwise you will take too long to cook your food and lose the game.

    I will say it again, keep the water BOILING at all times.

    The water heats up in several ways:

    The ambient temperature will slowly heat the water - it heats quicker at midday when the sun is strongest , and barely heats at all when it is night time.

    The pot fire is typically how you will get the water hot. Make sure you have a ROARING fire at all times.

    Special items that can be found or bought from the shop can also heat the water e.g. the radioactive stone will immediately boil the water.

    The fire below the pot needs a FUEL source.

    The wood feeder at the bottom of the screen will drop a log onto the fire every second. This is your basic fuel source.

    However, logs alone will not be enough to get that fire ROARING. You need to provide flammable items which will really get that fire going.

    These items can be found on the ground, won in bonus rounds, or bought from the shop. Just drag them to the flames and they will catch fire, helping to heat the pot water.

    This is at the bottom of the screen and feeds logs into your fire. The log supply is unlimited when you start the game and the wood feeder is automatic.

    On later levels, you will have to get your own logs and if you're unlucky, manually operate the wood feeder!

    Tap the chest to load your inventory.

    If you have the lucky four leaf clover then you will see this next to your chest.

    Tap the shop sign to load the shop.

    If you have a lucky rabbit foot then you will see this hanging from the sign.

    The status bar has several purposes.

    Shows you how much gold and skulls you have.

    Allows you to pause the game.

    Gives you access to your items via the four buttons on the bar; Witch Hat, Jerry Can, Chef Hat and Salt & Pepper condiment.

    Shows you the remaining time on a timed level.

    Tap Whopper's head to close the status bar if it is open.

    Tap the pause button to take a breather or access some of the other parts of the game e.g. recipe book.

  • Keep the Fire Hot

    One of the key requirements of this game is to cook your Nibblers before the time runs out.

    Each level requires you to cook a certain amount of Nibblers or Hunger Points (HP). Once you reach the required HP you have completed the level.

    Just like in real life ... stuff cooks quicker in a hot pot.

    Two elements heat up a pot; Logs and Fuel.

    Keep the logs going to the fire and the flames roaring away - you will know when your pot is hot because it will bubble like crazy.


    Fuel can be found in the game (newspapers, cotton bales, straw), won in bonus rounds (jerry cans, gasoline, gas canisters etc) and bought from the shop.

    Check the fuel item description to see how flammable it is.

    Adding fuel to the fire is easy ... click the fuel icon on the status bar and drag a fuel item to the fire. The pot doesn't heat immediately so wait 10 seconds whilst the extra fuel takes effect.


    Logs; initially these are given to you by the game. In later levels you will have to buy your own. Top tip: the more expensive wood provide more heat and is less likely to jam the wood feeder - ash is the best wood to buy. You can also win wood bundles in the bonus rounds.


    If you want a really quick 'heat the pot immediately' fix then get yourself a radioactive stone from the shop and drop it into the pot (click the witches hat icon on the status bar). The stone lasts for upto six levels, but just like real radioactive material it has a half life ... it will provide half as much heat on each subsequent level.

  • Getting Gold

    Gold can be found throughout the game.


    Hang Nibblers on the washing line and see what they drop. There is a very good chance they will drop some gold coins, especially in the early levels. Replay the early levels to go back and collect some gold.


    Gold coins are awarded for every friend cooked.

    Hang your friends on the washing line and rob them blind, before you cook 'em.


    Gold is awarded in the bonus rounds. Faster completion times result in more gold.


    Any rescuers killed will reward the player with a gold bounty. The more you kill, the more gold you will receive.


    Complete your tasks sets by Hector and Elvira to receive gold coins by way of thanks.


    Purchase a four leaf clover from the shop and watch the amount of gold you receive increase dramatically.


    If you want to amass gold quickly (who doesn't) then you can purchase gold from the shop using real cash.

  • Getting Skulls

    Skulls can be found throughout the game.


    Each cooked recipe is worth one or more skulls.


    There is a certain Nibbler that when hung from the washing line will sometimes drop a skull or two. Experiment with hanging every type of Nibbler!


    A skull is awarded for every 5 friends cooked. The more friends that you can cook, the greater your pile of skulls. Get cooking!


    Complete a level very quickly and grab yourself the 5 skulls on offer in the 'Rewarding Time' bonus round.


    Skulls are awarded for killing a certain amount of a rescuer type.

    E.g. kill 30 policeman and receive a skull.


    Let the dog do some digging! The dog will occasionally do some digging and unearth a skull! The rabbit foot greatly increases the chance of the dog digging up a skull.


    If you want to amass skulls quickly then you can purchase skulls from the shop using real cash.

  • Cooking Recipes

    The recipes are a fun part of the game and cooking the recipes is how you progress through the Cooking ranks.

    A recipe must be unlocked before it can be completed and you must complete your training stage as a 'Kitchen Hand' before we let you loose in the kitchen!

    You can start cooking recipes from Stage 2 ('Kitchen Porter') and can access the recipe book from your chest icon (via the Inventory) or directly from the pause menu.

    The front page of the recipe book shows a list of recipes and indicates which have been unlocked - you can't cook a recipe that is locked.

    Scroll the list to revel all of the recipes.

    Click on the recipe title to jump straight to the recipe or you can tap the left/right arrow buttons to page through the recipes.

    You can jump straight back to the recipe index by tapping the skull on the top of the bookmark.

    Each recipe shows the type of ingredients and the amounts required to complete.

    At the bottom of the recipe is your ingredient bar. This ONLY shows ingredients for the current recipe.

    Drag ingredient items from the bar on to the recipe to complete. The game automatically allocates the quantity of ingredient from your Inventory - there is no need to drag five apples!

    If you don't have enough of an ingredient then the recipe will show the remaining quantity still required. You can hop straight to the shop, purchase some ingredients, and then back to the recipe to complete.

    A completed recipe will show you the full color picture of the recipe, reward you with a number of rare skulls and add the cooked recipe to your Inventory.

    You can access the cooked recipes using the chef icon on the status bar. Drag a cooked recipe into the pot for a MASSIVE HP boost.

  • Special Items

    We get a fair few questions asking about when to use a certain item in the game.

    Items that can be used appear in the status bar under one of the icons; Witches Hat, Fuel, Condiments, Cooked Recipes.

    Click the status bar icon to slide back the top of the status bar and reveal the items. The status bar is closed by clicking on Whopper's head.

    A greyed-out icon means that the item can not currently be used.

    Half of the fun of the game is finding out when to use these items! However, I'll start you off:

    Empty water bottle : drag into the game when it is raining

    Bottle stopper : drag to the pot hole when it appears

    Gravestone : drag into the game at night and catch yourself a ghost!

    Scarecrow : use whenever you feel like scaring away the pesky birds!

    There are many more items with special uses and you need to figure out the puzzle and when to use the item.

    Email us and we'll be glad to help if you get really stuck

  • Condiments (HP Multipliers)

    A condiment is a great way to add seasoning to the pot and to ensure your recipes taste delicious

    They also serve a more practical purpose and one that you should really use to your ADVANTAGE!

    Condiments are dragged into the pot from the status bar.

    Press the Salt and Pepper icon to access your condiments. Greyed out means you don't have any of that particular condiment.

    Each condiment has a multiplier and this will MULTIPLY the HP of anything cooked in the pot for that level.

    For example, your average Nibbler is worth 10 HP. Add a condiment with a X10 multiplier and now your cooked Nibbler is worth 100HP!

    Condiments are cumulative. Salt is X2 and Pepper is X3. Add Salt AND Pepper to the pot and you've got a X5 multiplier.

    There are herbs you will find on the ground ... some of these are condiments ... tap them to send them into the pot.

    Your current condiment multiplier is shown under the pause button, top left of the screen.

    Always, always try and have one or two condiments in the pot at the START of the level.

    Condiments are critical to completing the much more difficult later levels.

    Where to find? They can be won in bonus rounds, dropped by Nibblers hung on the washing line or bought from the shop.

    Top Tip: The lucky rabbit foot will greatly increase your chance of getting a good condiment.

  • Weapons! Weapons! Weapons!

    Each foe generally has a specific weapon that inflicts the most damage.

    The shop has a description for each weapon and will indicate what it is most effective against.

    The great thing about the game is that it AUTOMATICALLY selects the best weapon for the foe you are attacking, and if you don't have the weapon ... well ... we can always throw rocks!

    The angry bird drives you nuts? Get some spears and take him down in double quick time. The same spears will also put a timely end to the Ninja.

    Did you know? The anti-tank cannon can also shoot down the tank rockets.

  • Extra Time

    It's tough manning the fire, cooking the Nibblers and fighting the foes!

    The last thing you want to do is run out of time, especially if you are one or two HP from completing the level.

    There are several ways you can help solve the "running out time" problem:

    Hang Nibblers on the washing line - they will sometimes drop little alarm clocks - quickly tap these for extra time.

    Get yourself one of the sand timers, bronze, silver or black.

    Bronze gives the least amount of extra time.

    Black will reset the clock right back to the start!

    Activate a sand timer by dragging it from the status bar special items section into the game scene.

    The shop is now selling extra time! The stopwatch will automatically add on an extra 30 seconds if you run out of time. A very useful item to have in your back pocket.

  • Feeding the Fire

    Keep the fire going by dragging items from the status bar fuel section on to the fire.

    Watch out for paper, straw and cotton bales that will randomly appear on the ground. These can also burn on the fire. Tap them to send them to your inventory.

    You can will fuel in the bonus rounds or buy all sorts of flammable items from the shop.

  • Woodfeeder

    The trusty wood feeder will tirelessly feed logs to your fire until ...

    you run out of logs.

    it jams.

    it has a breakdown; this game will drive you crazy so you might just get there first, before the wood feeder

    Buy more logs from the shop and you wont run out.

    The game will also generously award you a log bonus at the start of a level, although it wont go far on the later levels.

    Buy the BEST logs you can afford - good logs have a far, far lower chance of jamming the wood feeder. Cheap logs are a false economy.

    When the wood feeder jams it goes into manual mode - press the green button to feed a log. Don't leave it like this for too long or it will soon breakdown. Get it repaired!

    When it breaks ... well ... time to spend some serious money

    Top Tip: The rabbit foot will lessen the chance of a breakdown ... you might just make it through on some cheap plywood!

  • The Lumberjack

    Tired of buying wood and then feeding it to the fire?

    Fed up with pressing the green button?

    Get yourself a lumberjack and let him do all of the work!

    He will chop the wood and feed the fire, and is STRONGLY recommended for the later levels; otherwise you WILL go crazy

  • Death Toll

    At the end of every level you are rewarded gold and skulls for every foe that you killed in the level.

    Make use of any spare time to kill as many foes as possible and maximise your reward in the Death Toll round.

    Skulls are awarded when you kill a large number of foes of a particular type.

    To receive ONE skull you must amass a death toll for one of the following

    30 Policeman
    30 Fireman
    10 Angry Birds
    7 Tanks
    7 Helicopters
    6 Wood Trolls
    5 UFO
    20 Ice Bombers
    15 Ninja

    For example, kill 60 policeman and you will get two skulls.

  • Protect / Repair the Pot

    Your pot is vulnerable, especially if you've just got the basic pot.

    Our top tips for protecting your pot:

    Don't let the Rescuers attack the pot! Kill 'em before they get a chance!

    Protect the pot with bone barriers.

    Block up the holes with bottle stoppers - drag them to the hole from the status bar special item section

    Get some magnetic traps - these sit on either side of the pot and "pull" the angry bird bombs away from the pot and into the trap.

    Buy an automatic pot repairer. This way you can forget about having to pay to repair the pot. As soon as the pot health is below 10% it will be automatically repaired.

    Manually repair the pot. The pot repair icon appears on the right side of the screen when your pot is damaged. Click the icon to repair the pot.

    Get a stronger pot. Each pot has an Armour Class (AC). The higher the AC the longer it takes to be destroyed. Currently the pot with the best AC is the Lava Pot.

  • Man's Best Friend

    Dogs are everywhere in Cannibal Cookout ... use them to your advantage!

    Tie them to the washing line and they will bark and scare the angry bird.

    Don't be too hasty to tie them up though ... you never know ... they might just dig up something useful

  • Pesky Ghosts [SPOILER]

    Tired of those pesky ghosts rescuing your Nibblers from the pot?

    Get yourself a gravestone and drag it into the scene on the night time level (when the ghosts appear).

    Now, whenever a ghost rises from the body of a cooked Nibbler, it will be sucked into the grave. There it will stay and enjoy a peaceful sleep, bothering you no more!

  • Vikings

    Yep, that Viking sure is a pain in the a***!

    Well, you might have noticed that it is his axe which is doing all the damage?

    But you might not have noticed that if you hang him on the washing line first ... he loses his axe

    Hmmm, no axe, no damage, happy cooking!

  • Cooked Recipes - How to Use?

    We know that when a recipe is cooked it appears on the status bar under the cooked recipe icon (chef's hat).

    A cooked recipe is worth a LOT of hunger points (HP)!

    Drag the recipe into the pot and you have a sure-fire way of finishing the level in very quick time. Do this at the start of a level and you've just got yourself 5 skulls from the bonus round :)

    Sometimes the recipe HP is not enough to finish the level, especially on the later levels. Well, drop a condiment into the pot e.g. Salt, Pepper, and you've just doubled or trebled the HP from the cooked recipe.

    For example, Adams Apple Pie:

    Without a Condiment: 150 HP
    With the Salt (X2) Condiment: 300 HP!!

    You must add the salt to the pot BEFORE you add the cooked recipe.

  • Sour Cream [SPOILER]

    Lots of people have been asking about the sour cream and how to get it.

    Here's what you need to do ...

    Get some cream from the shop
    Play a midday level
    Drag the cream and leave it in the hot sun
    Voila, sour cream

  • Radioactive Stone

    This is an awesome item for quickly boiling the water in the pot!

    It lasts for six levels.

    For the first level, the water temperature is raised to 100C / 212F and stays that way for the remainder of the level.

    On the next level it will raise the temperature to 50C / 122F, the level after will be 25C / 77F and so on.

    In addition, any rescuers that get close to the pot are poisoned by the radiation and will immediately withdraw

  • No Room in the Pot?

    Your basic pot starts with capacity for 5 Nibblers.

    The bigger pots have more room and can cook more Nibblers - use these to your advantage to complete a level quicker.

    The bigger pots are also better at conducting heat - this means they heat quicker, use less fuel and will take longer to cool down - check out the heat bonus for the pot description.