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Astro Slide

Astro Slide Slide and match puzzle game that is a real blast!


  • Super-charged match-3 puzzle game play.
  • Stunning graphics, fully optmised for small, medium, large and extra large screens.
  • Uniquely different modes; Arcade, Score Panic and Zen.
  • Gorgeous space themed pieces; asteroid, planet, rocket, comet, space jewel, space rock and many more.
  • Amazing power ups and special cosmic effects. We've got zappers, board blasters, nukes, rockets and many more.
  • Separate leader boards for each mode and a combined board to show who’s really the master of the universe.
  • Automatic hint if you get really stuck (can be switched off).
  • Progress is saved in every mode - try out the different modes without losing your saves.


  • Like these type games, challenging and fun at the same time. Would recommend it to everyone that likes these type games!
  • The best game ever I played this game for more than 6 months and play 5 hours daily...thank you for letting me play it for free ..advice dont
  • Astro slide is a good game to play with small grandchildren, as they always want to help you with what you are doing.
  • Love this game! Really nice graphics and relaxing music. Addicted!