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  In view of the randomness of the moment of inertia selection,this paper analyzes its importance to the pump water hammer by the basic principle of water hammer calculation.In this study, Hanjiayuan Pump Station in Shanxi Province as an example.Based on the simulation software of water hammer calculation,the simulation study of valve failure under pump stops is carried out,and the changes of key hydraulic parameters of pump stopping water hammer under different rotational inertia are analyzed.The simulation results show that the positive pressure of the pipeline decreases with the increase in the moment of inertia,and the negative pressure of the pipeline is opposite, and the sensitivity is more obvious.The maximum reversing speed and the maximum discharge flow decrease with the increase in the moment of inertia,but the amplitude of the change is little.The time of the flow and speed has zero increases with the increase in the moment of inertia.The result is expected to provide theoretical support for water hammer protection in engineering.